B. 1983 in Hiroshima, Japan. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden

The Laboratory series   2005

Compact case, cleansing oil, lipstick case, nail extension

P2 Gallery, Hiroshima, Japan

A love letter for you with blue eyes, you and black hair   2007

1200 × 800 × 400 mm

Dressing table, engagement gift, pictures, passport, amulet, ring, train tickets, and other dokuments

Hiroshima City University

Mononoaware –A Requiem for Lost Things   2006

235 × 220 × 180 cm

Polyester yarn, acrylic yarn, acrylic, plasticstraws, plastic beads, lipstick cases, iron

Hiroshima City University, Japan

Versplechen   2006

Beer, glas, projector

HAPPUN STUDIO, Berlin, Germany